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Luxury Car Hire | Supercar Hire | Melbourne

Luxury Car Hire |
Supercar Hire | Melbourne

American Muscle and European Luxury Cars

From the Mustang to the Huracan – all vehicles available for hire from HOUSE OF MACHINA set a new standard in luxury driving experiences. Precision engineering coupled with brute power and unmistakable looks is what our customers have come to expect from the HOUSE OF MACHINA hire car fleet. Never compromising the intelligent luxury that comes from our brand. We move the bar on what vehicles are available for luxury hire in Melbourne, Australia. No more limits, no more conservative. Self drive supercar and luxury car hire available all year round delivered by an owner led company.


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Day Trip Experience

Are you here for a weekend or holiday with the family? Why not break away from the regular tourism beaten tracks and get behind the wheel of one of our supercar hire vehicles and jet off to one of three unique drive experiences.
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Luxury Car Hire

Our glamorous and truly unique exotic vehicle fleet is a sure way to make the impression that lasts a lifetime for your next event. Arrive in style with one of our luxury cars and have the crowd noticeably envious.
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Self Drive

Experience the dream of driving a luxury car or American muscle car. Regardless of your taste, Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, Audi R8 or C63s AMG will make your dream a reality.
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What Clients Say About Us?


Prices start from as little as $400 per day. At House of Machina, we bring the cars that people can’t drive everyday and make them affordable for a weekend or event.


If you’re looking for luxury car hire without a catch, rest assured all House of Machina luxury car hire vehicles come with full comprehensive insurance so you and your family are always safe and taken care of.


We customise high performance supercars into displaced, high horsepower machinas. Scraping the boundaries of madness and premium quality, brute power is the trademark of the House of Machina luxury car hire.

Risk Free
Security Bonds

At House of Machina, we don’t want the security bond to stand in the way of you getting your dream drive. We’ve aligned with top tier insurance companies to help insure your security bond.

Melbourne Supercar Hire

Browse our range of beautifully unique luxury vehicles designed to ignite your senses.

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Book a car via website or by call.

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We deliver your car to any location in Melbourne.

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We will collect your car at a place convenient for you.