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Melbourne Bucket List Tourist Destinations

Australia, the country down under, renowned for its robust wildlife diversity, exotic cuisines, breathtaking beaches and grand, picturesque buildings, this is why Australia is a top tourist destination, especially the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and it is a must visit for everyone visiting the country. From its magnificent bays to its mouthwatering foods from different cultures prepared by the best chefs in Australia, and served in the most exclusive restaurants, its vibrant sporting scene, to its historical Victorian styled buildings and wildlife sanctuary, there are literally too many attractions to be seen and places to be visited when you visit this city.

Let’s take a look at 5 attractions and locations that you should plan to visit when you visit this city to have yourself an experience that you will be in no hurry to forget.

The House of Machin’s Top 5 Tourist Spots in Melbourne

The 12 Apostles

Created over 10 million years ago by coastal erosion of the limestone cliff, the 12 apostles are a real splendor of nature that ever seizes to wow visitors. They are meter high rock stacks found on the Victoria coastline, these natural structures are truly an awe-inspiring sight to witness. The 12 Apostles are located at the west of Melbourne, but to get there you will have to endure a long drive along the Great Ocean Road. Not to worry though, there is a great luxury car hire service in Melbourne called House of Machina where you can rent the latest, most luxurious cars at a very affordable price so that you will enjoy and truly experience every bit of your adventure.


Whether you are longing to experience a beautiful beach sunset while dipping your feet in the wet coastal sands, or you are a surfer and you want to check riding high waves of your bucket list or you are dream of snuggling with your partner while looking out to the ocean, then you must visit Torquay as this beautiful location in Melbourne has it all. Asides from having the special pleasure of enjoying its rich surf culture, while at Torquay you can also get the visit the best spa, stay at some very luxurious resorts, go strawberry and also taste delicious foods and wines, Torquay has it all.

Yarra Valley

If you are wine tasting enthusiast then you can definitely do no better than visiting Yarra Valley, as it has the best wineries in the country and even the world. You can pay a visit to Domaine Chandon, which was established by famous French Champagne makers Moet and Chandon. A lover of the arts and architecture? Then you should definitely be heading here. There are a lot more activities you can partake in an enjoy while at Yarra valley and if you are a true explorer you might want to explore the city on your own, House of Machina offer super care hire services so that you can take on your exploration in style.

Mornington Peninsula

At Mornington Peninsula, you will have the opportunity of dining at some very aesthetically spectacular restaurants where you can eat great food and sip a variety of wines. Mornington is also popular for its several wineries and local breweries offering the best chardonnays, pinot noirs, and beer ciders. You can also visit the beach at Port Phillip Bay and get some good pampering at the exclusive spas located here. House of Machina offers Lamborghini hire services for those who want to fit into the rich and classy crowd of the Mornington Peninsula.

Red Hill

Red Hill is a location that had to make the list because it a place every wine, food and art connoisseur has to visit. While here you have to visit the vineyards, Red Hill Cheeses, Red Hill Bakery and other establishments guaranteed to give you an intimately unique experience. So, the next time you are planning to travel with your friends or loved ones make sure Melbourne makes it to the top of your list and you are guaranteed to return home satisfied. Also, remember to check out House of Machina website to hire luxurious/ supercars so that you can have a smooth, comfortable ride while exploring the city.

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