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Morning Glory

Winelands Volume 1

Experience the beauty and grace of Mornington Peninsula’s famous vineyards with the power and poise of an Audi R8.

If you’ve ever watched the hilarious yet touching film ‘Sideways’, you’ll no doubt remember two important facts. 1) Under no circumstances will Merlot wine pass Paul Giamatti’s lips, and 2) Pinot Noir is a finnicky grape that only flourishes in precious few places. If you haven’t watched it – well, it’s time to look it up, download and watch before heading to one of the few places in the world with the special combination of sun, soil and serenity that can coax this special vine into producing top shelf drops. One of them is Mornington Peninsula.

When it comes to exploring Victorian wine country (or any wine country for that matter) few places can offer the combination of glorious environs, exciting driving, and luxurious pampering that Mornington Peninsula has in spades. From the coastline of Capel Sound to the hinterland of Rosebud, this region is peppered with astounding cellar doors to explore and indulge – responsibly, of course – in tasting some of the world’s finest, delicate reds. We advise you visit the big names such as Crittenden, Queally, Red Hill Estate, Rare Hare and Yabby Lake. Take your date on a pretty damn romantic stroll through impeccably tended vineyards, followed by a feast to satisfy even the most hard-to-please foody.

Discover the scenic Esplanade Coastal Drive and take in the spectacular bay views whilst stopping off to take a few happy snaps of the famous, colourful bathing huts that dot the shoreline. If going inland is more to your taste, you could hardly do better than the Flinders Hinterland Scenic Drive, cutting in from Dromana and taking you around the Port Phillip side of the point and around the Bass Straight Coastline.

Why the Audi R8? Mornington Peninsula is a world of contrasts – sand rimmed coastlines and calm blue coupled with sheer cliff-faces and crashing waves; gentle slopes of gracefully laid vines and rugged, densely forested hills. Mornington Peninsula is a wonderous blend of all these elements in perfect proportion, just like the R8: the ultimate example of balance in extraordinary style and extreme power.