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Mountain Highs

Alpine Escape

Whether you’re churning up powder on two skis or roaring around on four wheels, there’s plenty of thrills to be had this winter.

Winter in Victoria gets a bad wrap when it comes to having fun. Perhaps our reputation as a nation of sun-lovers and penchant for sand has made us all a bit soft and too quick to race indoors and reach for the ugg boots once the mercury drops below 20. This winter – try something different and head to High Country.

As the home to Australia’s alpine region, Victoria boast the best ski slopes in the country, and home to a cluster of villages and funky towns you’ll simply love. There’s so much to do – from taking in scenery from the highest points in Australia, through to joining teams of mushers for the Annual Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge. Farm gates and local makers markets are a haven for those hunting local delights and a burgeoning craft brewery and cider scene is brimming with refreshing selections to try. It must be said – Alpine Country is cooler than you think.

And, when it comes to cars – there’s none cooler than the great American muscle car classic – the Corvette Stingray C7. Packing a massive 6.7 litre punch through its thumping Chevy V8, it can take you to 100km/hour in just 3.7 seconds. That’s thrilling in anyone’s language. And there’s plenty of long straights between Greater Melbourne and Alpine Shire, home to Australia’s favourite snow sport locations, for you to experience it.

You’ll love the drive in the C7’s, driver-focussed cockpit where everything is designed to be at your fingertips – perfect for traveling up to Victoria’s high country where changes in driving conditions will give the Stingray a chance to show off its ride control and driving mode options. Boasting ‘a mode for every road’, the C7 has five distinct driver modes, calibrating 12 electronically adjusted variables that let you optimise everything from power distribution to fuel economy and acceleration aggressiveness. If only snowboarding was this easy!