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Mustang Hire

Welcome to the home of mustang hire

The first time Ford equip the Mustang with independent rear suspension is an occasion to be celebrated. The new Mustang GT available for hire is by far some of Ford’s best modern day muscle cars. Delivering a welcomed 418HP and 524NM of torque, the 5.0 litre V8 pony is a great entry level muscle car in todays market. There is no better way to escape the boring consistency of the family SUV or Honda CR-V by throwing the wife/girlfriend in the passenger seat and jumping behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT on your next weekend away or anniversary shindig. Mustang Hire is as easy a simple click to book online or give one of our friendly staff a call to discuss some of the requirements you have to make that next occasion all the more special and memorable.

Is it comparable to other European Sports cars?

The mustang gt keeps the muscle car flame burning

The note from the exhaust of the Mustang sounds exactly how you expect it should; roaring and grunting notes keep your experience raw and authentic. A touch of nostalgia flows through the drive of a new Mustang as it carries a lot of the attributes that Mustang lovers have come to adore over the years. The interior is sharp, clean, modern and incredibly functional. It has a slick new touch screen with apple car play and all the bells and whistles of a European sports car such as heated and cooling seats, bluetooth, navigation, dual climate control and a very practicable removable roof making this drop top pony a stand out favourite in our hire fleet.

How much will the Mustang GT cost me to hire?

Unrivalled value for money in a world class muscle car

With packages starting at $800 for a weekender, the Mustang Hire represents value for money and a complete experience away from your day to day driver. The Mustang will lighten up a sombre journey to the local store and ignite a romantic weekend away driving along the peninsula coastline. A daily rate of $400 will get you behind the wheel for 24 hours with multiple discounts applying when multiple days are booked in advance. Talk to us today and find out how we can make your next car moment all the more enriched with a Mustang Hire.

Reputable Supercar Hire

Driven by customer created experience and unrivalled reviews

Welcome to Melbourne, and welcome to the cities number #1 provider of sports car and supercar hire. If you have a desire to drive the Mustang GT, then look no further. We currently have 2 Ford Mustang GT convertibles in Melbourne available for both self drive and drive day packages. Ethical standards, lawful practices and industry accreditations are cornerstones in dividing our business from questionable luxury car providers. A new standard in sports car and supercar hire has dawned with our customer focussed strategy leading the way. Put yourself behind the wheel of one of our Lamborghini’s and we promise to deliver both an incredible driving expereince and truly remarkable hands on approach to your hire.