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Our Story

We bring the most exciting vehicles at unbeatable prices. Here’s why!

Our Luxury Mindset

House of machina

At House of Machina, we’re equally passionate and fascinated by the gloss of a beautiful motor vehicle. From an early age our founder fell in love with the roar of a V8 engine from all continents around the globe. From the Italian metallic sting that a Ferrari delivers to the thumping grunt of a German made track car; it was true romance. Growing up, he became frustrated at the idea that only the rich and famous could get the opportunity to wrap their hands around a tightly stitched leather steering wheel which began to grow into an enthusiastic idea.

Coming from a regular lower socio class, he began working within the automotive industry and his passion became his drive as he gained exposure and experience across nearly all makes and models of the prestige market.

The glamour and the grin that followed when a young child spotted their favourite bright yellow Camaro coupe leaving them with the mysterious wonder of whether or not it could transform into bumblebee was what kick started the House of Machina brand.

The brand was then crafted and hand built around being able to deliver a service that not only appealed to the high end market car enthusiasts but also appealed to all car enthusiasts with a dream to drive an exotic car.

House of machina
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