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The Audi R8

The daily driver’s supercar and how it attacked the Italian Lamborghini and Ferrari market

In this day and age, seeing a supercar in the wild isn’t really that much to write home about. Supercars are everywhere now. But more than any other, Audi R8s are everywhere. Whether you’re driving down the interstate on a road trip or just heading into work, chances are you’ve seen an Audi R8 out there yourself.

What is it about the Audi R8 that is so popular, popular enough to have disrupted the Lamborghini and Ferrari markets?

If you boil it right down to statistics, you’ll still be stuck searching. The cars tout similar stats and aren’t all that different mechanically. All just top 600 horse power, are built with a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission, and can get from 0-60 in just 3.2. With stats nearly identical, it isn’t performance that sets the Audi R8 apart.

One factor may certainly be price. The Audi R8 comes in 5 figures cheaper than its Italian competitors, making it more accessible to the average driver than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. But even those that can afford the latter two are still opting for the R8. There’s something else.

That something is what dropped a bomb in the Lamborghini and Ferrari markets and made way for Audi to step in. It’s simple. It’s the drive. It’s more agile than its competitors and has been described as simply being more fun. It feels more like a car than a garage decoration. It feels like it was meant to be driven.