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The BMW M3 & M4

How these cars remained the ultimate track car through time

What makes a good track car? Drivers want track cars that are affordable, accessible, and agile. If they had a fortune to drop, they’d probably do so on a proper race car. If they were professionals, they’d probably have access to proper race cars as well. And if they weren’t interested in fun, well, they’d probably not be anywhere near a race track in the first place. Affordable, accessible, and agile. That’s what makes a BMW M3 and M4.

The BMW M3 and M4s are built for whatever you plan to throw at them (within reason). They’re great daily drivers that put a little pep in your drive into work and drive home if that’s what you’re after, but if track days are more your speed, they’ve got a lot to offer in that department.

These cars come with built-in adjustable settings so you can customize your drive for the track (or the road if you wish). You can change the steering, the suspension, and change the engine mapping to suit for whatever type of drive you’re on – comfort, sport, and sport plus.

The customization offerings are a good indicator that these cars will serve drivers well on the track, but the real nail in the coffin for what makes them the ultimate track cars is in how they handle. These cars are agile. They’re the kind of cars that give light to the phrase, “stop on a dime”. If fun is what you’re after, fun is what you’ll get when you take an M3 or an M4 out for a day at the track.