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The iconic Porsche 911

Its ability to stay in its own league throughout the years

Since 1948, the Porsche 911 has been an outlier of sorts. It’s timeless, classic design keeps it firmly in the luxury category. But it’s performance is what plants it on the “dream car” lists of every car enthusiast out there.

What exactly is it about the Porsche 911 that car lovers haven’t been able to get enough of for the past 80 years?

Over time, the 911 has changed and evolved, but it has kept its core style. It’s this style that has created the iconic image for the 911 and allowed it to grow to its status as a symbol of pristine engineering. But it’s not just good looks that drew such a vast fan base to the 911. It’s so much more.

The Porsche 911 has its engine in the back of the car behind the rear wheels. This difference changes the way it feels to drive completely. Driving goes from routine to being this intricate challenge, one that feels damn good to master. The Porsche 911 begs its drivers to familiarize themselves with it, to perfectly handle it on the road or on the track.

It’s this connection between driver and car that makes the Porsche 911 a timeless icon. Owning a 911 is more than just parking one in the garage and checking it off a “dream car” list. It’s a relationship. It’ll be you to drive it, and you’ll be glad to do so.